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Islam and Buddhism are at the crossroads in Burma. The Buddhists feel Islam is a threat to their way of life.
Fairly an imagination on Buddha - before enlightenment and after enlightenment.
Traditional belief among Sinhala Buddhists is that the peak holds the footprint of Gautama Buddha. However, various other religious groups too lay claim to it according to their own creeds.
A paper discussing the possibility that we came from the Oneness, are currently in the Twoness, and rapidly approaching the Threeness.
Although there is no documented verification of the origin of Buddhism, it is believed to have arisen in the sixth century BCE. With an estimated 1 to 1.6 billion followers world-wide today, Buddhism is the second largest religion in the world, second only to Christianity.
We must always remember, that the mind is the one which alway creates or sources our experiences. The mind is the one that enables us to experience pleasure or pain; it enables us to experience thinking; it also enables us to interprete things, our surroundings, the people and events ...
The aim of Buddhism is to gain nirvana, a state of enlightenment gained through the extinction of all desires.
The art of nude meditation, its power and and positive thoughts
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