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Are public schools within the United states are continuing to fail our your and the nation. That is why National Economic Reform's Education Reform is so vital for the nations future.
Entry level workers are clamouring for a higher wage; but what about those who are retired or disabled and cannot work? How do they survive on less?
What can we as a nation do to keep our kids from going to bed hungry?
Libraries have long housed books, but they are much more than that...and the first place politicians want to cut.
We as one of the living beings on Earth definitely need a lot of things in order to survive. It was often said to be the basic necessities, such as food, shelter and clothing. In addition there is also a need tertiary, and other necessities. And to get it, we need to work in order to ...
Social Security cost of living raise won't help the millions of seniors who really need a helping hand.
What the United States must do in order to keep the Department of Defense strong enough to secure the nations security.
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