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Before we dive into exactly what a budget can do for us, let’s consider for a minute what will happen if we’re not tracking income and expenses. We may end up spending more than we’re making in a given month (or two, or three). Over time that can put us into some pretty hot wate...
Sometimes reading about the past brings the present into focus. We have to be strong as we find ourselves repeating past mistakes.
Being part of a startup is an exciting time, and ensuring it reaches its goals is important to everyone involved. You can put yourselves on the right track by efficiently managing your budget.
We as one of the living beings on Earth definitely need a lot of things in order to survive. It was often said to be the basic necessities, such as food, shelter and clothing. In addition there is also a need tertiary, and other necessities. And to get it, we need to work in order to ...
The biggest way to save money on your grocery budget is to minimize waste. The more you are able to diversify the use of your assets, the more valuable and less costly your grocery investment.
Budgeting is actually meant to help bring your expenses in line with your income, so if your cash flow is consistently in the negative you need to take some serious steps to correct this situation.
Some tips on how to budget your spending to save money.
Do you shop in excess?Have you ever thought how bad it is to take someone else's share?Have you ever thought if it is sustainable?
Ever wondered how you can still enjoy your food and still maintain a budget? Here are some tips to hold onto the pennies and stop overspending on food
Here are some tips to prove that surviving as an actor on a small budget, in London or any city, is not impossible!
An areas of concern for many of my clients is financial management. Saving money understandably continues to be a top priority for SME’s in particular but managing the valuable time spent on financial forecasting alongside attempts to reduce budgets can be a difficult balance to str...
When I was young, I didn’t have Suze Orman to call up and ask if I could afford something. I received so much fan mail from credit card companies in my college days that I thought I was a celebrity. Later, of course, they would send me hate mail because I couldn’t afford to pay my...
You've seen the commercials with the couple in the beachside bungalow with mosquito nets... and the thought of going on vacation to stay in a tent gives you the creepy crawlies already.
Only the lucky few don't have to draw their purse strings tight! Most of us however, have to find ways to look after our pennies and pounds but with a few tricks up your sleeve it's not as hard as it sounds! Have a read of my guide for a few helpful tips on how to manage your money.
There are times when necessity is the only thing left to reduce the budget. This can lead to difficult decisions and an increase in the amount of time required to finish daily tasks.
Sometimes in life you can feel your finances running away from you. At times like these it's important to knuckle down and take control of your finances. There are many thing you can do get yourself back in control, but two of the most important factors are self-discipline and sacrif...
Budgeting is basically only concerned with two things: Income and Expenditure. A budget needs to be written down, formatted as a simple list or spreadsheet, and set out so that Income and Expenditure are balanced against each other. In order to bring Income and Expenditure into ba...
This article is about preparing budget and organize our expenses based on it
While some things are a total waste of money, there are other things that you should consider spending your money on. Learn what things you should plan on buying and what things are a waste of money.
The youngest is starting Kindergarten and schedules have to be arranged. Finances have to be re-examined to make room for everything too.
Points on how to save money and learn how to effectively budget. Saving money by learning a few easy principles.
Learning from the Hard Times and growing stronger and giving ourselves a better life.
Living within our means is a concept that used to be easier when we were younger. Nowadays, we live in a consumer based shopping-mad society. "Saving up" for that latest gadget is pushed aside for instant purchases and instant gratifications, thanks to credit cards. The plastic-over-p...
When I only have $10 for groceries, I look for specific items. I want eggs, potatoes, green beans, rice, and smoked sausage. With those five items, I can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no problems. It means eating eggs, potatoes and smoked sausage for breakfast, whatever is in...
One of the places that can safely be cut back when trying to save money is on eating out instead of eating at home.
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