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Before we dive into exactly what a budget can do for us, let’s consider for a minute what will happen if we’re not tracking income and expenses. We may end up spending more than we’re making in a given month (or two, or three). Over time that can put us into some pretty hot wate...
What can we as a nation do to keep our kids from going to bed hungry?
We as one of the living beings on Earth definitely need a lot of things in order to survive. It was often said to be the basic necessities, such as food, shelter and clothing. In addition there is also a need tertiary, and other necessities. And to get it, we need to work in order to ...
Do you shop in excess?Have you ever thought how bad it is to take someone else's share?Have you ever thought if it is sustainable?
This is great smartphone launched by Lemon Pvt.Ltd. and the great thing is that you don't need 3D glasses for watching 3D display.
really, you're never shopped at Walmart? I find that a tad UNBELIEVABLE. Where else can you buy groceries, house paint, a gun, and microfiber sheets under the same roof?
Only the lucky few don't have to draw their purse strings tight! Most of us however, have to find ways to look after our pennies and pounds but with a few tricks up your sleeve it's not as hard as it sounds! Have a read of my guide for a few helpful tips on how to manage your money.
A proposed invention to automatically keep track of every expense incurred as one leaves the house. An automatic accounting of every dollar spent form the time of leaving your front door to returning.
Budgeting is basically only concerned with two things: Income and Expenditure. A budget needs to be written down, formatted as a simple list or spreadsheet, and set out so that Income and Expenditure are balanced against each other. In order to bring Income and Expenditure into ba...
Practical tips on preparing for the school year and saving money.
How to manage your financial budget everyday. Without a plan we will drift without direction and end up marooned on a distant financial reef.
You can actually save money and have fun on a date. It does not really have to be expensive to be enjoyable.
Does India need a special day for Budget presentation?
Late fees can wreak havoc on your personal finances as well as your credit rating
When recession hits a Country, the pain of Government cutbacks can be felt far and wide. Hard decisions must be made, but are the government attacking the soft underbelly of one of our national and educational institutions just because it is an easy target? Are we beginning to see the...
A few tips on teaching your children the all important lesson about money and how to manage it.
Here are a few tips and ideas to help you stay within your budget, and make the holiday gift-giving season less stressful!
An organization will have a certain percent of the budget set aside for security purposes. Security will incorporate certain items to improve the success of a business.
Life insurance is often recommended for people with young families. This type of insurance is designed to protect the loved ones who are financially dependent on the insured person. Single people, however, seldom type “instant life insurance quote” into an internet search engine...
Sometimes changes are unavoidable and sometimes you have to make them happen. It can be for the best even though at the time it seems as if you are attempting the impossible.
George Graham Vest said in a court room speech in 1870, “The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog." The phrase was later shortened to "man’s best...
There are great reasons to pay off your credit card off in total each month, keep reading and find out why.
Empower yourself and find financial relief, regardless of your current situation.
How to avoid the circumstances that led to bankruptcy.
Summary of what it is like to be a college student today and how hard it is to have a healthy balanced diet, my own personal experiences.
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