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Every once in a while we come across a tool that is so easy to use it becomes a part of your normal routine and you almost forget you are using it. Buffer is such an application for the avid social media user, it will allow you to put your posting into autopilot, while you get on with...
Content of milk fat, total solid, minerals and calories were increased, specific gravity was decreased and lactose, protein and solid not fat remained unchanged. Per day yield of milk fat, total solid and calories were increased and solid not fat, lactose, protein and minerals unchang...
This article is meant to opening our eyes to see how delicate and sensitive the infant's skin is and that is why they respond rapidly to any discomfort or stimuli experienced.
Hope youse enjoy this one -- had a great time writing it -- please leave your comments-- i love the recognition...I'm your diamond....not just a love it -- <3 debby
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