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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries
The other day I took a walk down the dirt road that leads to Battle Lake. Along the road I notices many animals. Most people who go to the park only look for deer and moose, large animals, but wildlife is all around us.
Can any body checked the ingredients of the food we are consuming daily, some may contains, lead, arsenic, cellulose,bugs etc etc
Can any body checked the ingredients of the food we are consuming daily, some may contains, lead, arsenic, cellulose,bugs etc etc
Does everything have a purpose? If so what is the purpose of mosquitoes? What is the purpose of weeds? What is the reason we have flies?
A poem about an ant and his journey in everyday life.
A brief solution that prevents you from being eaten alive in outdoor activities, so you don't have to use caustic sprays or expensive candles(that work variably).
It's essential to meet deadline for success. The deadlines may be different for some people, but are equally demanding.
There are a few ways to keep those pesky critters from entering your home. Proper home maintenance and insulation are the keys to making your home bug free.
Ten October activities for dads and their young daughters.
A short Haiku Poem, where just a few words can yield a thousand images
Hand washing is singularly the most important way of preventing the spread of infection
~We’ll take a little break from the nuts and bolts of Fly Assassin Reports, give you a bit of a third person story about P. Sluggo~He was in Junior High the year JFK was slain, cried like a baby~the year before that he learned something about slaying and quotas~you’ll notice in th...
~Assassination is a dirty business~Trick ‘em, trap ‘em, & kill ‘em~With doggy doo/poo trap bait dripping from my fists, I soon sought less messy and more effective techniques for dispatching the enemy~
~I must confess that at the time, as shown here, we were quite primitive in our methods of trapping and killing. The poo-trap in the picture is an example of how I earned my name, Sluggo~
~I made Igor a fliescube out of our kill~It floated around in her water dish, cooled it off a bit~Igor slurped away at the fliescube until neither fly nor ice existed~
~Those little critters kicked up a fuss but I got ‘em skewered, fired up the barbecue, lit myself a cigar and warmed ‘em up a bit, fixed Igor a couple of flykabobs~
~Gnawing on bones , cow hips and such, chasing sticks and slobbering, trapping, barking at cats, Igor sleeps through the day, watches flies trip across her nose~
~The Moon Man with the most insects in his jar was the star of the show. He was acknowledged in low ritual, encouraged and slapped silly while he smacked his lips, yummy-yummy, and ate the day’s catch of the entire group~
Why are southern bugs big enough for saddles? My experience with the mother of them all.
After three weeks of enduring bugs, rats, and all manner of nasties, Stacy is the new Queen of the Jungle.
What exactly are insects, and what are some of their basic features?
Use them wisely, and they can help you manage your household’s cleanliness and save an amount of money.
A natural way to get rid of Rollie Pollie bugs, also known as Pill Bugs, Wood Lice and Snow Bugs. Get rid of these bugs without using pesticides or dangerous chemicals.
Pet insects work well when people have allergies to furry animals. Walking Stick Insects are one such Insect pet and are often inexpensive and easy to care for. Learn more about Pet Walking Stick Insects
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