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Silence and lack of communication are the greatest enemies of marriages. It is compelling that 82% of married Spanish women consider the lack of communication in marriage as the most frequent and most important problem for couples.
The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
We know the answers for a much better world but the change has to come from us through self-realization. It is against nature’s way to treat us differently by giving us what we want on a silver platter over and above the basics. We should have the wisdom to shed some mental baggage ...
It was a free life as a kid. No worries, not threatened by almost anything. We just had a programmed mindset of invincibility. We don't think about it but somehow we just know we are protected.
April PAD Challenge Day 17 from Robert Brewer to write an express poem.
A change in the way we perceive life and towards positivism will bring a sea change in our lives. Let us not forget that we are at the apex of all species; thus masters of not only our destiny but also of our fellow travelers.
The need of the hour is a change in our lifestyle and focus on the right priorities. Whatever progress we make in scientific and technological fields will prove of little value if we do not have the basic for a fulfilling life - Peace of Mind. That requires an awareness of what motiva...
A tribe related to south American in Peru have made living with comfortably on lake Titicaca with local reeds available in that place
Online writing jobs are one the fastest growing forms of publication for freelance writers, but to be considered for a job, you must first have an online writing portfolio. This article will provide valuable tips on how to give your portfolio a jumpstart with a lot of page views.
Not quite sure how the stats work this is my silly poem to help me see how it all adds up !
As a child , I used to play with a big box of bricks , and I was just thinking of them after seeing some similar today.
Things to consider if you are designing a classroom website. Tips and ideas for building a webpage for a school classroom.
A simple explination of how to build the best gaming computer that your money can buy!
You have to build your on line reputation to have recognition, to have your on line presence felt and to earn more.
November PAD Challenge Day 21- Whenever (blank). A poem of hope.
Have you ever wondered about the importance of names? Your name could give you status in some places, and it can bring you down in others. Find out why a good name is valued more than precious rubies and diamonds.
Learn the importance of building friendships in life, which is directly related to your true purpose in life. If you can develop meaningful relationships with other people, your life will experience more joy and happiness, while building a strong community. Read to find out more.
The daily labor workers are constructed a school building with their daily labor wages,in Vasehi fali village in Sirohi distric of India(Rajasthan)
This frost death knight two hander pvp arena Talent Spec is a high damage spec that will keep you busy with procs, but is fun to play and has medium mobility and good control.
This retribution paladin pvp arena Talent Spec is a spec that puts out a lot of damage and has ok survivability. There is little variation in ret specs.
This blood death knight pvp arena Talent Spec is a fun spec that has a lot of self healing and actually puts out good damage. I personally run this spec in 2v2 sometimes for fun.
Reverse mortgages have helped thousands of senior citizens to have financial freedom, giving them a lot of opportunities to live a more contented life in their old age. The benefits this program provides sounds too good to be true, but if you're ever interested to apply for a reverse ...
Picture This : molds and mildew cramp your basement walls and ceilings, discoloring everything and giving off that unmistakable musty stink. With only these signs, you can be certain that you do have major waterproofing problems.
2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 16- 2nd prompt of this day. Stacking poem.
Art lovers who want to pursue their dream of becoming an artist often take the step of applying to art college, not all will get in. Read more on how to increase your chances of getting accepted by building a Portfolio.
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