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A poem about bullying and standing up for those who feel that no-one ever cared
Bullying goes so much further than the bruises that you can see. Todays society with all its up to date ways of communication allows the bully to invade your home and most private of places.
Bullying is the harassment or use of force to abuse others. Coercion is also used as the tool to victimize others on the basis of race, religion, gender, behavior, sexuality or class. The abuse that is involved may be emotional, verbal or physical. Bullying in school, neighborhood and...
This is all about teenagers problems and how to handle the situation. This is about being strong despite of being bullied in school or in other places.
This article is about the Bullying activities In School which is one of the social issue
I am always bothered to bullies! I get irritated when I saw someone who is being bullied, I get so lonely when I read articles and stories of a young girl/boy who dies of suicide because of bullies! So I wrote an article on how to deal with bullies. Useful advices for people who are e...
A company came to this country promising goodness and respect. When it never happened they returned to the old culture of blaming and sacking staff.
A poem about walking to school and the many problems that can happen on this journey.
This heart-wrenching documentary styled film follows five individual stories of isolation, pain and bullying in an attempt to highlight the 13 million children who suffer bullying in America every year.
New zone brings about changes that one must either adapts to or deteriorate. You will read about dramatic situations that's capable of driving a person to total insanity.
A new collection based on the current state of America and the violence and a tribute for all the branches of the military.
Supporting your child or adolescent through an experience of bullying is not easy. The best way to approach such a difficult situation is to consider and take the appropriate steps to support your child. Then seek support from your child's school, and if necessary ask a parent support...
A battered wife finally fights bak by leaving and taking her children with her.
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