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Bullying has been going on for a very long time, but through the years how a person is bullied has changed.
This article is about why bullies bully others, which could be underlying problems.
Bullying goes so much further than the bruises that you can see. Todays society with all its up to date ways of communication allows the bully to invade your home and most private of places.
Words are powerful and they can hurt to the extent where a child could end his life..
The epidemic of cyber-bullying is a pressing issue. Raising awareness, and reversing the effects of these actions will result in more sustainable life, and a healthy life for all.
Sometimes we subconsciously judge and categorize people, forgetting to accept them as they come. We all have a story and struggle to share with other individuals and if you feel you do not, then you will..
This article is about the Bullying activities In School which is one of the social issue
I am always bothered to bullies! I get irritated when I saw someone who is being bullied, I get so lonely when I read articles and stories of a young girl/boy who dies of suicide because of bullies! So I wrote an article on how to deal with bullies. Useful advices for people who are e...
A poem about walking to school and the many problems that can happen on this journey.
Most of us experience being bullied or being a bully ourselves. So, is there fun we get from bullying? What makes it so popular?
This heart-wrenching documentary styled film follows five individual stories of isolation, pain and bullying in an attempt to highlight the 13 million children who suffer bullying in America every year.
Racism exists in our schools. Today my young mixed race niece broke my heart with some of the things that go on. We wrote this one together, hence the change in direction midway through. The poem goes from my perspective to that of a nine year old girl.
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