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This article is about why bullies bully others, which could be underlying problems.
The epidemic of cyber-bullying is a pressing issue. Raising awareness, and reversing the effects of these actions will result in more sustainable life, and a healthy life for all.
This article is about the Bullying activities In School which is one of the social issue
A company came to this country promising goodness and respect. When it never happened they returned to the old culture of blaming and sacking staff.
"Please don't hurt me," the little girl cried as the older child wielded the knife against her throat.
Most of us experience being bullied or being a bully ourselves. So, is there fun we get from bullying? What makes it so popular?
We live in a real world where you either learn how to politely wait to reach your potential goals or you will be pushed aside and doomed to failure.
how to raise children who are well-mannered and likeable
A page about bullies and the explaining the different types of bullies
How bullies use psychological profiling and social acceptance to target their victims.
When a bully is present, a good thing to do is make sure someone like a friend is with you. It is much better than to stay alone! When victims are alone, they tend to be more frightened of their bullies whereas by staying with your friend, you will feel more secure.
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