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Your child acquires an understanding of other people through relationships with family , friends of all ages, and strangers. Your child learns how to fit in with others, how to make friends, and how to show consideration.
Always remember to think before you speak.Words can hurt.
This is the story about how I came up with the idea for the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Club book series.
How powerful officials from top colleges bully engineering classmate for years in India
The Warwick Rowers are promoting awareness of bullying and homophobia with their new calendar, but it isn't just any caldendar...
It is a fable short story about bullying at animal farm. It reminds us that we can stop bullying. It reminds us that everyone is growing.It reminds us to respect each others.
Bullies everywhere - they say it gets better...but does it really?
On a few minutes, Dara managed to give a very important lesson to an old classmate of hers.
Meredith O'Connor uses her music and celebrity status to help fight bullying .
Bullying is an important topic. No parent wants their child to be bullied or to be a bully and unfortunately many of the things parents do can contribute to this behavior or prevent it. Here are some psychologically sound tools parents can use to give their child long term protection...
Bullying has been going on for a very long time, but through the years how a person is bullied has changed.
Bullying is an issue where these people want the limelight. They want you not to shine, they want to put you down and out. The solution in a real world for the bullied party is for them to try to help themselves by going to those who can help them. This of course is sometimes hard f...
Bullying is a major problem faced by children in school today. The concern is very high among parents because the risk of sucide is great. We want our children to lead safe happy lives but being bullied can end that. Find out what you as a parent can do to help your child.
Last week a meeting was arranged for both parents and officials at my daughter's school to discuss the changes and progress made within the school. Only two parents showed and I was one of them. This week the head of OFSTED, Sir Michael Wilshaw suggested that parents who fail to supp...
One can see what are occurring in the schools and some not pleasant
You will find it hard to believe how administrators at a Pennsylvania High School treated a kid being bullied.
Cheats and tips for keeping up with over achieving mothers in the playground.
Under the Bridge - by Jeannie Meekins (2013) - Children's Novel E-Book approximately 40 pages Under the Bridge is a beautifully written and illustrated tale of two friends who teach each other that how others perceive them is not how they must perceive themselves. Highly recommended ...
A poem about bullying and standing up for those who feel that no-one ever cared
A reflection on the bullying problem associated with schools, but a problem that exists everywhere, and always will.
This article is about why bullies bully others, which could be underlying problems.
Bullying is the harassment or use of force to abuse others. Coercion is also used as the tool to victimize others on the basis of race, religion, gender, behavior, sexuality or class. The abuse that is involved may be emotional, verbal or physical. Bullying in school, neighborhood and...
This is the continuation of my coming of age story dealing with two boys overcoming obstacles and defeating a bully.
This is the third chapter of a book I've written that deals with two teen-age boys overcoming obstacles in their lives to become friends and defeat a bully.
This is the continuation about two boys who become friends as they overcome obstacles and work together to defeat a bully.
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