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One day the young handsome peasant passed close to me,he whispered: “my home was far from here and I were assigned to here by them ”.Then I understood they assigned the peasant to hitch me and taught other local shareholders in the hall of the Ying He securities company to attack ...
So why did Harrison try to kill me? Has Father been propagandizing against me to him? Seems like the only explanation...
How to make money ?? Money changes everything. Money makes you a sufferrer to a successor and often an offender. You will find out that this article is exactly opposite to what the title says.
Moses and Aaron try to persuade pharaoh to let the descendants of Jacob go on a three day journey into the wilderness to worship the Lord.
It's a poem on the heart’s longing for a lost beloved.
It is the last night in Harbour Duffet, exams are over and everyone has one last evening walking around the community. Back in their bedroom, Felipe becomes emotional.
Marriage can be a source of rich happiness or of most bitter pain. Much depends on how ready you are for it.
Instead of targeting the few who are out to exploit the loopholes in law, new compliance requirements in banking make life needlessly difficult for the majority whose needs are basic.The cost burden and time needed make the poor poorer while the rich are hardly touched in the end.
Three short poems on philosophy. Pls read and provide feedback
This poem speaks of the importance of living just for today.
I have written a poem for the mothers out there who think there children are a burden or a mistake, no child is ever a mistake, every one is precious.
This story is described as a letter correspondence between two friends
We are scared in life. We are more burdened. We are pressed with depression and anxiety. We succumb to diseases. Why all these? Why our sufferings are ever increasing? Share the pain of others. It is a pleasure for both of you.
"Whatever is your life’s burden, don’t give up. Keep moving. Keep on hanging there even for just a little more time."
Sr. Joan Chittister, a renowned Benedictine nun and prolific author speaks to the burdens and blessings which are encountered by the elderly.
A strong and vital soul, I was a butterfly. I drew so many people into a circle of trust, and was the strength for them all. Then when I fell, my heart broken, one of the few who I trusted most turned her back on me. She later said it was because How do you trust your self or anything...
It is a daily challenge to find meaning in our lives as we fall into despair easily. Who am I? is worth pondering to keep our focus whenever we feel lost. We are just part of the whole process of creation and set to merge with the One eventually.
One gets easily caught up with the glitter of material life and take it as an end by itself. Such a lifestyle make happiness and contentment take a back seat and it will be too late when we realize our folly.
My friend is in last year of his education era and he asked me why we study and educate ourselves because my father is illiterate and earns a lot and i am not even sure of getting a job. So i have to answer...
This Article Discusses About The Discrimination Against Girl Child And Her Plight In Rural India!
This article is about sharing our problems with our friends and beloved persons which gives us peace of mind
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 13 Unlucky Poem. In this case people who might be considered unlucky. I hope this is an encouragement to those who have health issues.
A mother who gave up her children ponders the consequences.
A poem about the reality of how hard life is but is made easy with God.
Sometimes our cross seem too hard to bear. We feel like giving up , this poem is to encourage the discouraged.
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