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When we came to government offices to apply for something, we may face bureaucratic procedures and attitudes or behavior of bureaucrats that may be annoying
Politics, as annoying as the topic can be in some situations, are a necessary evil in our society, at this time. Until we all agree to evolve enough to be self-aware, completely free of self-deception and autonomic, we still have to deal with some of the most ridiculous of behaviors f...
A stock-taking of achievements and failures of my country.
When a nine-year old boy had an idea to open a free library, his town said 'not so fast.'
Greed divides society and dampens unity. We need global cooperation to move towards universal government to live in peace. The basics are falling into place.
Public Administration: Organization, Process and Retrospect-Author: Abdun Noor [i]Publisher: Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT) Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh, September 2006][/i]
Words have power and presence. Each syllable brings something to the table... or, to the canvas. When it comes to considering what we mean when we use the expression, "Where it's at," a few poetic reflections are inspired.
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