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The Burma Campaign during the Pacific War involved hundreds of thousands of British, Indian, Chinese, American and Japanese soldiers. In 1942, the Japanese invaded Burma to close off the Burma Road, a vital supply line for the Chinese army in their war with Japan. The campaign lasted ...
The Burma Campaign was a campaign that lasted for most of the Pacific War. This was a campaign that involved the British and Commonwealth, Japanese, Chinese and American armies. The Burma Campaign began after the Japanese advanced into Burma shortly after their airstrike at Pearl Harb...
There are Burmese Pythons in Florida's Everglades National Park, and there is a group from the U.S. Geological Survey that are doing studies on how to kill them better. They want to kill them because they are eating threatened and endangered mammals that share living space with the p...
Burma has a minority Muslim community that is percieved by the Buddhist majority as a threat to its way of life.
Before the Pacific War began in 1941, Japan was at war with China. As this war expanded, the West began to expand their economic embargo that froze further Japanese oil exports. The economic impact of this embargo drained Japan's oil supplies. War in the Pacific became increasingly li...
The army has ruled Burma for 50 years and not likely to give up power easily. Suu Kyi is thus against a wall and perhaps she will make a compromise.
After the defeat of the Burmese their King Theba was exiled to India where he died
Islam and Buddhism are at the crossroads in Burma. The Buddhists feel Islam is a threat to their way of life.
Burma culture and Hindu culture seem to be similar as Buddhism has similar ideas to Hinduism.
The King of Burma was kept in exile by the British after he was defeated at Ratnagiri about 250 km from Mumbai
Mandalay is the ancient capital of Burma. I had a stop over there when ferrying a chopper to the Andamans.
Bangladesh's genuine claims have been under pressure from the big countries neighboring it.
Pearls are different from gemstones in many ways. For example, pearls come from beneath water, whereas gemstones come from beneath the earth.
Censoring internet is one way to block content by government so that people can’t reach it. Content which is available online is watched by official and any content against government or improper content is censored. In one word if you try to open social networking site like Facebo...
General ne Win headed the Military Junta for close to 25 years. In the bargain he insured that Brma remained backwards and in a medieval age.
Parrot flower is rare species of protected plants, rarely available in Thailand,the export of this plant was banned by the Thailand
The north of Thailand has been known for the long neck tribe. When my boyfriend and I had a short vacation at Thailand, we had a tour, and after a long jungle trekking, we had a visit at the Karen Padaung, who originally came from Burma years ago, but some currently live in Mae Hong S...
This article looks at the history of Nat worship in Burma.
This article gives a basic outline of Burmese grammar.
This article looks at the influence Saya San had on the Burmese Rebellion.
This article gives a breed summary of the Burmese cat.
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