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Yep, fire is a tricky old thing. One moment you're still enjoying the dancing flames, the next moment your face is on fire and the world around you is melting.
Two French nationals try to burn a harmless quokka with lighter and aerosol and they film the whole incident on a video.
At first, the team of geologist was drilling a site to looking for gas in Darvas, Uzbekistan but accidentally they found a massive underground cavern that was filled with gas. The hole where they drilled now keeps burning nonstop because of the gas.
A random poem that I've been thinking about lately. Comments are open.
these bills to lose weight are famous in all the world. so they are not risky like other tablets, read my article to learn about them
Effective weight loss entails two basic activities: exercise and diet. However, not everyone knows the right workout and eating habit to get positive results. Now, you will know how to do it properly.
Her warmth is gone, and her light has faded, but the sun is still there, only shaded!
Just another one of my 'night time' writings. Seems I can get my thoughts flowing better then.
I must say, I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a good book." Groucho Marx. .
A poetic piece on old romances and what happens to them.
Blisters are painful and greatly affects our movement at work and at play. Find out its common causes, how to treat them the right way and its prevention.
When a family member falls ill, the caregiver (whether it is the well spouse, adult child, or parent) goes into crisis mode. Here’s how to recognize it:
Learn the importance of building friendships in life, which is directly related to your true purpose in life. If you can develop meaningful relationships with other people, your life will experience more joy and happiness, while building a strong community. Read to find out more.
Information on how a CD works including information on Bits and Bytes, materials used and advantages and disadvantages. Detailed and summaries.
This is a short poem about a love that never was
I was seized by a sudden flood of concepts and had to grab the nearest bit of scrap paper. The notes grew of their own accord into a rather interesting structure. It's lovely when months of writer's block are interspersed with occasional surges of inspiration. :) A bit of almost-Evane...
This guide will teach you how to get 99 woodcutting in Runescape.
In recent times we have been listening to plane crashes than ever before. It is probably due to the excessive coverage by the media.
Just another typical day for me I guess. And yes that includes another incident where I am clumsy! ;-P
The four main categories of burns, and the best first aid treatment.
Grapefruits are good for your health because of the vitamins and minerals they carry
Today I will give you 3 great options to burn your discs. The best thing is that they are free, and personally I think they work much better than other licensed software.
In this article I will show you how to create your own Karaoke DVD, in a previous article I explained how to convert a movie to DVD, this is similar but it has another step regarding the conversion of Karaoke files to Video.
Learn about the fastest and easiest way to get rid of burn marks.
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