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This is a list of home accidents I can think of, but you can, perhaps, add few more that I had missed out.
Calendula (pot Marigold) improves blood circulation and is useful for alleviating skin ulcers, eczema, burns and bruises and for reducing scarring.
Aloevera is a plant that is good for a human from head to toe. In this section I have mentioned about the fastest way to cure the burn, infact the best first aid for burns.
Bistort is a medicinal herb that is also known as snakeweed , snakeroot, pink pokers or meadow bistort. This herb is native to the Iberian Peninsula, Central Europe, Turkey.
Any contact with a hot surface or a source of heat will cause a burn injury on the skin. However, hot water burns, commonly known as scalds, are deeper and healing is slower compared to burns suffered due to contact with dry heat. Scalding is one of the most common cases of second-deg...
Now days most of the people are suffering from gastric trouble/acidity, there are lot of tricks and tips to reduce acidity. By following these tips we can curtail the acidity.
With the hot weather now here for a while its time get out and enjoy the sun. Though take care as the good weather can bring with it some nasty surprises if you go out unprepared. Here is a quick tip guide to help you enjoy the sun safley
And there you probably was, thinking that the coffee was way too hot in fast food restaurants...
In every family with children cases of injuries,bruises, burns, scalds, stings, sprains and other such accidents are often seen. Homoeopathy can easily and effectively be used to cure such cases.
Honey is good for health, it contains natural source of carbohydrates, to give energy and strength to the human beings
Lightning can be deadly. Knowing how close it is could save your life.
A few tips that I learned to get rid of a burn. Do this as soon as possible.
You finish up your self bondage session and you realize that you have multiple rope marks, how do you get rid of them?
This an experimental poem with multiple rhyming words coming one over the other in the next line in every stanza. Every stanza conveys a philosophical message.
A poem about burns or in this case emotions burning.
Mobile Firefighter/Volunteer Fire Chief Brad Cox of Dauphin Island was taken to USA Medical Hospital with burns to his body and for smoke inhalation while fighting a raging fire on 550 Barcelona Drive.
First aid is a primary immediate action that must take over for burn victims. Any delay of action may lead to severe complication and death.
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