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The handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill reveals a larger problem in society
The first thing when I think of business is the title I gave this series and sections of article. I would have just called it "A Big Game", but that title is not specific enough for what I am talking about here. In fact, I can say that the title I gave this article is perfect for what...
Management in business influences domains so the key points in how you operate your domain are what influences the audience. Innovative technologies are great but it is important to know the spheres of business that you operate and the environmental challenges.
Sure, success is the first thing we all want. But, real success comes through accumulated understanding and honorable temporary "failure". The only way to be successful the first time and stay that way all the time is to cheat without conscience or fear of reprisal. I will now explain...
The page is meant to help business persons succeed where competition is higher.
Master your innate skill in order for you to find your right livelihood.
We will now take a look at a few very important characteristics that all successful businessmen and businesswomen share, and which you need to develop if you want others to hold you in higher regard.
Several companies have literarily varnished into the void from the corporate landscape or merged with another bigger or smaller to stay in the marketplace. Both individual and corporate bodies need to innovate or re-invent to stay relevant in the marketplace today. This article is an ...
A short review and analysis of the business owners in Atlas Shrugged
These are most profitable and successful small business ideas you can start today with a cheap investment. The following unique startup ideas are suitable for women and men entrepreneurs equally.
Our personal experience with affirmative action in the publishing industry in South Africa and what the results are today.
this article shows how the big companies that you know its products in the past they were founded and sell other things.
A short narrative of what work should mean to an employee or business minded person.
Fordism..This is a part of my case study on McDonald's How the subject progresses
This is about studying economics, why people need to know economics.
Doing business is hard and at the same time easy. The thin line that separates them lies in the decisions of the business owner much of the time and to make it or not also depends on external factors most of which can be controlled. This page analyses some of the factors affecting eve...
Have a successful start up business by focusing on your target market.
Practically every American is well aware of the continuing "economic downturn" that this country has been experiencing since 2008 (sooner for some.) This is one humble citizen's suggested solution that could possibly turn this issue around in a positive way.
Many employers have preconceived notions about taking their company public, most of which are not accurate. Nine little known facts:
Shares even if the public shareholders do not realize immediate profits, publicly traded can be used as collateral to secure loans.
Business men are waiting for next business idea.What they may not realize is there are many people in the business world waiting for people like them.
Establishment of a business enterprise is no easy task. It takes courage, vision, determination, purpose and commitment to each entrepreneur to set up a business venture and guard against bankruptcy.
How do we use Critical Thinking to debunk holes in arguments and points-of-view? Here's an example of an article and my analysis.Fortune 500 managing editor, John W. Aug wrote an article entitled "Seizing Real Power in Business - and Journalism" circa 1997. The article was about Afr...
Ethical business research participation and related ethical considerations are discussed in this literature review. The review covers a very wide range of subjects for the sake of circumscribing ethical business research.
When the public likes and promotes sin, businesses have a motivation to blacklist Christians from industries that interact with the public. The problem is that such acts can increase social, political, and economic problems.
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