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Animals, whether land, sea, and air, do not distinguish between confinement in a small area and that within a great number of acres of space allotted for them by their human captors. They know their freedom is as limitless a space as the universe! - Jamie
Review of "City of Angels" film (1998) with Nicolas Cage
A cockatiel-lover's take on how to buy cockatiels/parakeets and the care that must be taken when purchasing such a pet
Obviously, you want to take your pet with you. There are several ways and procedures, you should know, when will bring pets, flying.
Love is stronger than ever.This poem tells a love that is imprisoned with guilt.It wants to release and set the spirit and self free to attain peace and conscience clear and guilt issue no more.This is poem also tells about freedom to love, how to set the feeling free and how to escap...
Hedgehogs are mammals but are not rodents. They are insectivores, which pretty much means they eat bugs. There are several varieties of Hedgehogs, from European to African, with the most common in the pet trade being the African Pygmy Hedgehog or the African Whitebellied. Let us l...
He sings because he's happy, he sings because he's free from harm, and he sings because he's safe
The Countess a movie directed and starring Julie Depy is a quite shocking depiction of -Countess Elizabeth Bathory who in the 16th century used the blood of virgins to keep her looking young. a tale of vanity and horror
A short poem about a dog called Jose and her plea.
Many people wish to end suffering of animals but do not know where to start. One thing you can do to end the suffering of millions of hens is by selecting eggs that were not created using cruel battery farms.
An experience fighter faces a crossroads in his career as love and a conversation with a person he respects and admires forces him to look at where he is in his life.
Dog meat is popular in many countries, as the eating of this meat is said to have many benefits.
~the child woke up~to the suicide man every day of his young life~watched his adam’s apple~gurgle-gurgle~as he shot himself in the throat with alcohol~the child’s mother loved them both~behind closed doors~better that way~some things~suicide for instance~shouldn’t be done in pub...
If your thoughts about species survival are: “Let nature take its course” then you might feel that there is no purpose behind today's modern zoos, however if you feel that people need to aid in the survival of animal species then you might feel that "good" zoos are necessary. Wit...
Choosing a cage for your rabbit is important in order to keep them safe and healthy.
This is a book review about the book they Cage the Animals at Night. It is an awesome book and also very touching.
Often, we have been trapped by habit or circumstances for so long that even when given a means of escape we won't let go of what is familiar. Fear of the unknown prevents us from taking flight and reaching our true potential.
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