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The author travels alone, for the first time in her life, to challenge herself after a break-up. Hiking across the beaches and cliffs of the French coast around Calais, she finds unexpected inspiration and personal renewal in the ruins of World War 2.
I took a day trip to Calais in France. Here is what I got up to and the day went.
Calais à Besançon via Lac d'Orient - Our first full day in France takes us from the northern town of Calais in the département de Pas-de-Calais, to Besançon in the Franche-Comté region of Eastern France. We travelled there via the Lac d'Orient in the beautiful Naturel Parc de F...
The first in a series about a road trip to France, this is the prelude. It certainly was an adventure - or perhaps even a thriller (!!) - our trip from North East England to Dover, battling with the traffic on our English motorways.
This article addresses why the local government of Calais is a sham, and based itself upon fake hopes and promises, after 30 years of communist control.
This article is about how a bar in Calais is allowed to break the law, and tries to understand why the council does nothing to resolve the problem.
This is a true story based upon what is happening in the frontier town Calais, and how the police do nothing to stop the increase in crime.
Since I'm off to tour La Belle France for a spell of sightseeing, I thought it a grand idea to let you know (in rhyme, of course) what I'll be doing - and, indeed, where I'll be doing it! See you Wikinutters in a couple of weeks. AU REVOIR, MES AMIES...enjoy my little ditty!
This is an introduction into the life of Arthur the Gnome.
The second chapter in the adventures of Arthur the Gnome
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