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There's a beautiful natural thermal pool in Turkey called Pamukkale. Originally from historical ruins, now this wonderful pool has become one of the world heritage sites.
Popular antacids as the Aluminum-magnesium combination (Maalox), Calcium carbonate (Tums) and the others maybe the weakest drug for hyperacidity but they have their own warnings too. Read on.
I am hopeful, that the readers of this article will turn their lives around completely by applying the few simple tips that I mention below. The vitamins I mention below, is a brand new in expensive approach this age--old, debilitating disease, striking down mostly post--menopausal wo...
Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. It is, in fact, in every bone. Why then is there such concern about not getting enough?
About the pearls. What they are and how they are formed. Their use in jewelery.
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