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New Year means new expectations. It is the human tendency to look for better things in the New Year. The attitude is not in the calendar. It is in the heart. It is the physical and mental state with which we approach this year.
This is my public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading.
Missing of 11 days occurred in calendar history of 1752. Most of us may not be aware of the fact that the very first use of the Gregorian Calendar which is followed today throughout the world had to drop 11 days from the old Julian calendar.
It's time to fill out a calendar for the coming year. A task that, every year, gets harder and harder...
You have hundreds of personal or family photos stashed in your computer or photo albums. Don't hide them; display them for everyone to see. Instead of buying a calendar every year, why don't you make your own instead and make use of your fantastic photos. Here's a way to unleash your ...
The dawn of the New Year brings many challenges. Every beginning is a challenge. Facing challenges confidently is life. Inaction at them provides chances for the negative forces to gain power and cause failure or loss. The year 2013 comes with challenges to go through the incidents of...
January 1st brings in the new year: 2013 is here and I have made some goals/visions I would like to accomplish, or at least start this year. But, I need to be organized, so I have decided to write a list of the things I feel that are the most important to start/complete. Then putting ...
When people exclaim that others have lost track of the reason for the season, in regards to Christmas, we must remember why we celebrate.
Jorte is the best PIM I have ever used in android. Everything can be grab in one glance
According to some scientists, the world is supposed to end in the year 2012. There really is no scientific reason why, there is only historic reasons. It all has to do with the Mayans.
An easy guide on how to transform your usual calendar into a more useful, unique and creative educational calendar that will surely be loved by your kids.
Considering the possibility of moving to a calendar of thirteen months of twenty eight days
Are you in a hurry to log in to Google Accounts? Not really? Yeah okay, are you sure you have experimented all the wonderful features Google has created? No probably not, due to the fact that more than 90%....
Discusses how the days of the week were named and how the calendar changed.
On January 1st A.D. 2001 Many Christian countries as well as several others, celebrated the beginning of a new century and a new millennium, but to many other countries throughout the world, that day had no meaning whatsoever...
The Myth of the Myan Calendar. In 25500 odd years approximately, the sun completes the passage of time circling cycle of the twelve Zodiacal signs. Then there were only ten zodiac signs pre Julius Caesar era.
Homanay is one of the largest celebrations in Scotland. Why do so many people come so see in the New year? Read on to find out.
This is about seven days of a week All days have some particular rapport with and for some. Here's my version
The calendar has evolved over the ages and the same has stabilised, as the Gregorian calendar ,since 1582, since the time of Pope 13th
Trying desperately to hold on to a love that is quickly slipping away.
See which religions and who believes that in December, 21. 2012 will happen something great.
With the list of recognized holidays ever growing in America, it seems we're always looking for new things to celebrate. Yet the day that gives us "leap" year continues to go unacknowledged.
Have you ever wondered how the names of the months originated?
It's not difficult, but a bit tedious to make up a moon calendar with the relevant information to work with. Here's how it's done:
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