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Find out how much of an Albertan you really are. Did you grow up in Alberta, do you love Alberta, are you a true Albertan? Take this fun quiz. Keep track of how many "yeses" you get and check at the bottom
The Canadian Reformed Tom Crist earned $ 40 million ( approximately EUR 28 million ) on the lottery of the city of Calgary . Tom did not want to stay with the award because "it does not need more money" and will donate it to charity .
Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn blows his top at the Brass on top of the Dung Heap as they jeopardize other nations and their own red, white and blue! And the military Generals are not whom he fires at! – Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
What happens when great floods occur and the great starships are called upon?! – Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
I attended the National horse show jumping event at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Alberta, June 8 and 9 with my wife. We saw lots of beautiful horses and had a great time. I would like to tell you more about the show jumping at Spruce Meadows.
I live in Canada, and work in a popular tourist area. Canada is a great tourist destination, less crowded than most places in Europe or the USA, and we welcome you to our home.
Everyone who wants to sell their home is looking for the best price and the best terms they can. There are many things that impact on the sale price of a property, but what few people understand is that it really doesn't matter how much to paid for it or how much it would cost to rebu...
The Toronto Board of Trade (TBT) recently published its annual Scorecard on Prosperity. Comparing the overall appeal, “liveability”, and their speed of economic growth across 24 most prominent cities around the globe, this survey tries to appraise the cities using fairly objective...
Looking for that extra edge in your hockey pool? Here is the first of a series of articles to help you get that extra edge you need.
This is the first of a series of team by team breakdowns for the 2010/2011 NHL hockey season. Up first, the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks
With the second instalment of the 2010/2011 hockey season previews, here is a look at the Stanley Cup runners up. The Philadelphia Flyers.
Next up in the 2010/2011 NHL hockey pool preview series is the San Jose Sharks. As a high scoring team, the Sharks are loaded with potential high end pool prospects.
In the continuing series of a team by team look at potential hockey pool picks for the upcoming NHL season, here is a breakdown of the Washington Capitals.
In my continuing series of NHL predictions for 2010/2011 we take a closer look at the Boston Bruins.
A look at the prospects for the Los Angeles Kings in the 2010/2011 NHL season.
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