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Amy has been away from home for 2 years furthering her modelling career. She left her childhood sweetheart Sam behind. Has the glamorous glittering life turned out to be what she wants after all? Read on to find out more.
Recovering from an addiction is a long, arduous journey – but it’s that much harder when traveled alone. And family support is must to help your loved ones lead a sober life.
Long gone are the days where families stayed in one area, families are scattered...sometimes from one coast to another. Sometimes even meeting new family members.
Located on the West Coast, California is the most populous state of America. Presence of Mediterranean type of climate and California Vacation Rentals has made it a favored tourist destination in the world.
This article includes a brief overview of California sport icons.
Tradition und Qualität,is what one of the Rombauers would state whenever they are to launch what they call a masterpiece of a wine. Especially the new generation of vintners of this family established here in America, where the family longtime legacy has been present after the found...
The Cabernet Sauvignon varietal found a natural home in every corner of the Golden State. With this masterpiece of red from another of California's most prolific wine making regions, Paso Robles.
From the makers of the Seven Deadly Zins, Earthquake, Freak-show, Ink Blot and others. Comes this one of a kind wine Syrah from the Micheal and David original collection that will give you an eye after you enjoy all of its contents.
Mosquitoes are very dangerous they spread Malaria, west Nile virus. There are lot of protectors from Mosquitoes, creams, sprays etc etc. A new concept of introduced by the a group of California-based entrepreneurs are developing what could be the ultimate deterrent – the Kite Mosqu...
An organization in California named Reduce. Reuse. Develop. has thought of a biodegradable espresso glass, inserted with local tree and plant seeds. When you've completed your espresso, you can plant the glass, or return them, to be planted by the organization.
Those born in America, one is a pass - the use of each year 30,000 Asians to "give birth to holiday." What effect does this; it can be observed in California.
The Golden State is one top rated wine producer in the world stage of fine wines. With this signature red blend known as Meritage, California vintners are one proud group of winemakers that should be known as maestros.
Another gem of a wine in this Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon that exposes this State natural resources in its soils and climate. This 2011 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon really offers you a nice display of good taste and elegance in every drop you sip.
Users of "Windows XP" will remember the distinctive wallpaper mountains with green grass fields. The hallmark of the popular operating system that turns taken by Charles O'Rear, and he regretted having sold it out to Microsoft cooperation.
Overlooking the extensive and fascinating geography of the Napa Valley territory including Rutherford region, Howell mountains and the Atlas peak. Its here where Atalon Winery has made a home for this collection of fine wines, like this 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.
This article is about my hometown in California and it's people.
US labour authorities have penalised a Silicon Valley company for "grossly underpaying" eight workers from India.
The history of Madronia Cemetery and the people buried in Saratoga CA
A history of San Jose and the people who live in the city
The ongoing drought in California is now reaching epic proportions, and there is no rain in sight.
This is the story of the first gold discovery in California
In an episode on SyFy, the Ghost Hunters visit the dark ship docked in Alameda, California and investigate the thousands of reports coming from those who have witnessed ghostly encounters on the ship that is roughly the size of three football fields. From suicides to freak accidents, ...
This is the natural and cultural history of the United States newest national park
California been going through a serious drought and people are taking it in their owb hands to get water.
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