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Shifting gears from being transactional to conversational
I was expecting some money to appear magically in my account. You know the type. Auto deposit, from the government. Magic.
Companies who are rapidly experiencing growth changes and expanding business should consider the option of outsourcing their call center operations to an external provider. By doing so, companies can enjoy increased savings, better customer service, and enhanced focus on more importa...
USAA is an amazing bank for veterans and their families.
Here are some important things to focus on when working in a sales-focused call center:
Are you new to the call center or think carving a career path for yourself in the industry?
Wanna be part of BPO center like APAC, EGS, JP Morgan Chase or NCO? Well, here's a great help for you! Below is the hiring process of APAC, JP Morgan Chase and NCO or now called EGS. Please read them carefully. This will really gonna help you pass the interview and be part of the co...
This page is about recorded calls which comes from the service providers.
This article is about receiving unwanted calls from service providers and marketing persons. Surely this kind of calls annoying us a lot
This is my simple view what we Cebuanos are. As a native Cebuana, I am looking forward to be understood in as far as diversity is concerned. Indeed, I just want to let you know.
Customer Service is one of the fastest growing jobs nowadays. But being a customer service rep is not that easy and dealing with a customer over the phone is a tough job that requires much attention, patience, listening and lot of understanding.
Read on to find out why learning Indian English is important...
Read on to find out why sleep is necessary for all
Cloud computing is a technology that will help call centers reduce operating costs considerably and also make the call center job more easier for the agents. Apart from the benefits of this technology, legal experts also discuss the cons of the technology.
Read on to find out about my first job experience...
There is an internet scam currently making the rounds that you should be aware of
Tele-sales jobs are often a misunderstood career path. The work and atmosphere involved has been portrayed badly by the media, leading many people to avoid it. Tele-sales can be as miserable or enjoyable as we choose to make it.
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