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This poem is about a girl begging for her lovers love
Android Call Recorder is a wonderful selection. When you happen to be in need of recording calls, there is absolutely no better option when compared with this specific mobile app. Every single consumer regarding Android OS and Nokia need to check the actual popular features of this sp...
Know what you can do during this hour for the planet that deserves to have a rest.
Have you ever gotten any phone call that made your heart skip a beat and made you breathe faster?, I recall getting one, you'll be shocked by the conclusion.
Meeting an old friend with a call out of the blue.
So much going on not always of a higher nature as was and as is....we all have to handle the slings and arrows of outrageous loving it all no matter what really is the only solution ...whether you can do it or not always your choice...
Why we fight for our country! As soldiers, we have pledged to defend, even to our deaths, this country!
Its about My Thoughts on the World and The Problems we face everyday
I love God and he is the one that helps me. Makes me a better person. Without him I would be nothing.
Are you new to the call center or think carving a career path for yourself in the industry?
Birds flying in flight as they go along. The sounds and sights so beautiful. They are so loud with the whisper of wings. The call so tender. So light and clear. Hear the whisper of the call.
Now a days culprits are arranging hidden cameras in trial rooms of big maals and taking pictures of the ladies.
With every passing day I am growing in my vocation as a foster parent. I am meditating on the way of life I am walking.
Here some needed software applications have been listed for using internet optimally and in a rich way.
Ever listen to the cries of seagulls while you’re near or on the shore? Very comforting!
Do you hate going for out for lunch only to have your enjoyable meal ruined by loud talking business people?
A poem and verse about why we need to take more care about our planet, and what is likely to happen if we don`t.
A short poem about spam and scams and why you can trust wikinut amongst others, Yes spam is a threat to us all !
A poem about how love is the strongest of all emotions and that when it comes your way you can not fight it.
This article is about receiving unwanted calls from service providers and marketing persons. Surely this kind of calls annoying us a lot
A short poem about the deep blue sea and the reason to worry about natures battle with the human race.
All we really have is today, tomorrow is never promised to us and we must be ready to answer Creator's Call as swift as it may come. Ours is not to ask why but simply to accept and obey.
I stand in awe so often at the amazing talent of Delicia Powers, one of our most prolific poets here on Wikinut. Delicia is our Queen when it comes to Seasonal Poetry...No one can quite capture the Seasons as well as she can, but this poem called to me to be written today...and ties ...
Who can you turn to when life's path becomes difficult to climb...Who will offer out a helping hand? Who will walk beside you and keep you company....This is the value of a true friend... Dedicated to the one who walks with me...
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