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The first of several articles on my journey to becoming vegan.
After struggling 17 months with a severe health crisis, I got my wish to have a normal life, again.
On February 7, 2014, I thought my fight with cancer was over. On February 8, 2014, I discovered the fight was really only beginning. 6 months and 5 cycles of a very harsh chemo therapy later - I won. I beat cancer. Fighting cancer has given me a new perspective about life's challe...
Tonight, I was reflecting back on the beginning of my chemo journey. I realize that I developed an inner warrior in order to get through this experience. It was one where I centered and focused on each cycle. I did my best not to look forward. I tried to look at only the current cyc...
Diagnosed with melanoma, already growing in at least two places, I didn't know what I was going to do. Doctors do NOT always know what they are doing! It is up to YOU to decide what is right for you!
This article deals with the results of many studies that show the dangers of showering/bathing with unfiltered public water supplies.
Breast cancer is still haunting the majority of women around the world. In order to reduce the risk of breast cancer should take a healthy lifestyle to prevent it.
Dietary foods, and cancer reduction points, and diet tips.
Is there such a thing as good food and bad food for cancer patients? Yes, there is. Good food helps your body to fight the cancerous cells. Good food is healer. Good food allows you to get well from cancer without going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Cancer is a frightening condition. The treatment for cancer is equally frightening. You have heard of many people recovering from cancer without any treatment. You wonder if it is possible.
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