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Cancer can be treatable and patients can survive for many years.After diagnosing the cancer, patient must know about the disease and consult with the doctor about treatment, which one is applicable to him/her
Read this content so to know about why India is so powerful country for Cancer treatment.
NOTE ONLY MY EXPERIENCE YOU GO BY YOUR DOCS..All my life at many a moment, I died... but still alive nearing my 8th decade . stay tuned with me you may
Cancer is on the decline in Canada, but certain types of cancer such as lung cancer, thyroid cancer and kidney cancer is on the rise.
Researchers all over the world are rigorously researching cancer and new ways to eradicate the disease. Montreal has come up with a new nanosurgery which so far has promising results.
The Obama Administration has vowed not to continue to waste the taxpayers' money in selective prosecution of sick people who grow their own medicine. A new case in Washington State seems to contradict this stated policy.
Bananas may just be the worlds first cultivated fruit. Bananas don’t grow on trees. The banana plant is a arborescent (tree-like) perennial herb. And the banana itself is actually a berry.
Guava leaves are just as medicinally useful as the nutritional powerhouse fruit they grow with.
The kidney shaped or bean shaped nuts have so many health benefits, a few of which are stated.
Compared to other commonly consumed fruits, apples ranked second for highest antioxidant activity. However, they ranked highest for the proportion of free phenolic compounds, which means they are not bound to other compounds in the fruit and therefore may be more easily absorbed into ...
Moringa seeds gives good results like weight loss, moderate sugar level, energy boost, good sleep. Insomnia is a medical term for those having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, etc. Here we are going to learn ways to eat moringa seeds for best results.
The first of several articles on my journey to becoming vegan.
After being on the "cancer train" for two years, I have decided to take a new approach to pushing the cancer into remission and am chronicling this new journey.
Epidemiologic studies on the association between vitamin D intake and prostate cancer risk have extensively been studied but with inconsistent results.
A tribute to all the people who have been with the sufferers and took great care of the victims of this dreaded disease.Also included is a review on the book "Death Be not Proud" by John Gunther who himself shares his experiences as father of a teenager who fights with death, sufferin...
In this page, I am going to explain a dangerous cancer. Both your dog and cat get. The cancer is called Biliary carcinoma. I will tell all about it such as how to recognize symptoms, how your veterinarian will diagnose it. Also the way it affects your animals body.
How a petition persuaded Mattel to make more Ella chemotherapy barbies, and how the Ella Doll can make a difference for childhood cancer patients
After struggling 17 months with a severe health crisis, I got my wish to have a normal life, again.
Smoking kills, so why do we do it? but help is at hand to help you to quit
Few people know that in the middle of a fruit pits have curative qualities.
On February 7, 2014, I thought my fight with cancer was over. On February 8, 2014, I discovered the fight was really only beginning. 6 months and 5 cycles of a very harsh chemo therapy later - I won. I beat cancer. Fighting cancer has given me a new perspective about life's challe...
Each year, 2,000 cases of breast cancer found in American men, and an estimated 500 men died from the disease
Tonight, I was reflecting back on the beginning of my chemo journey. I realize that I developed an inner warrior in order to get through this experience. It was one where I centered and focused on each cycle. I did my best not to look forward. I tried to look at only the current cyc...
Maintaining a positive attitude and tapping into the Peace of God which surpasses all understanding is how I approach each difficulty in life. I hope I can inspire you to do it for yourself, as well.
Breast cancer in men may occur, although generally occur in women. Cancer is most common in old age. Male breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage has a chance to be cured. Therefore, men need knowledge about risk factors, causes and symptoms of breast cancer to do prevention.
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