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Cancer is on the decline in Canada, but certain types of cancer such as lung cancer, thyroid cancer and kidney cancer is on the rise.
Epidemiologic studies on the association between vitamin D intake and prostate cancer risk have extensively been studied but with inconsistent results.
This is close to my heart I had the best teacher in school who taught me drama and grade 1 haha she is like a second mother to me tragically she passed away of cancer. This poem is a very short story of our relationship and the fazes I went through and what happened. Since meeting her...
This journey with cancer has allowed me to learn so many lessons. I had been a self sufficient person all of my life because early on I couldn’t depend on anyone, with the exception of myself. Sometimes we need to examine those core beliefs and determine if they still apply or det...
A routine medical exam turned scary for me when my doctor found a lump in my breast and referred me to an oncologist. Did I have cancer? Find out what happened next.
Misguided lonely child who feels unloved and unwanted - puts gun to chin - and pulls the trigger.
Having healthy mouth is very important to avoid oral cancer.
Cervical cancer іѕ thе cancer оf thе mouth оf thе womb. Thіѕ іѕ thе оnlу preventable cancer bу simple screening test ѕuсh аѕ Pap smear.
Every year, thousands of people take to the track and walk laps to raise money for cancer research, treatments and services for people with cancer. This is why we do it year after year.
You can save your life by acting fast when you understand the early signs of cancer
Cancer has killed numerous people- the good news is that you can treat it during its early stages
Do you know that you can easily save the life of somebody you love?- Get to know some early signs of cancer and act accordingly
Get to know the early signs of cancer and avoid death
Most people have suffered the pain of losing a loved one through cancer-did you know you can prevent such loses by early detection?
We all have experienced the pain of death of a loved one from cancer-did you know that early diagnosis could have prevented that?
Yes that discussion of saving the earth is a discussion that is ongoing
Has eating red meat received a bad rap over the years? Is eating red meat really as bad for us as some of the health gurus would like us to believe it is is? Can we link red meat consumption to cardiac disease and cancer? Unfortunately this is one of those cases where there are no qui...
How the need to control, the distortion of nature, has put man on the path of many disasters
In short, the finding of a research in England, showed that nearly 50 per cent of female candidates who have larger and wider waists are at higher risk of cancer and other diseases. What are you waiting are you weighting for?
How we react with the environment, our use and abuse of it.
Dietary foods, and cancer reduction points, and diet tips.
There is a difference between Junk Food and Homemade Food. In this article my motive is to explain that how homemade food is better than junk food.
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