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The speed that animals escape from the presence of humans is no match to the speed of their arrows, spears and sophisticated bullets that maim and kill them, for fun, sport, or food. - Jamie
When the arrow hits "paydirt" it is time to enact a New Law for the comprehension of the ones who truly do understand there are no "Rights" held within the universal workings which delegate the boundaries of Justice to only one fraction of creation. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Corte...
Cannibalism has been around for millions of years. People have divulged into the eating of other people all over the world. Are you one?
This poem came to me after a variety of images crossed my mind on a random moment. I wrote it all down, put it all together and this was the end result. Comments are open.
Focuses on a jolbin ( a descendant of goblins), Ricky Kwaadvis, a snappy and sassy asexual bisexual who loves to poke fun at his friend, Edward Bruadair while the two are trying help out this woman named Turnpike who has the power to control sand and dirt and used to kill people and t...
A quirky and highly personal retelling of the Scottish folk tale of Sawney Bean, an Edinburgh orphan boy who ran away to take up a career as an outlaw, with gruesome consequences. The underground city mentioned in the story exists beneath Edinburgh’s Auld Toon (Old Town) but my ver...
This article is about Chinese who have practice of eating fetus to be healthy I Really condemn this practice because this is against the law of God. I hope that the readers will understand that babies are gift from God and we must protect them to anybody. They are not for food but fo...
This poem is something out of my everyday life for the past week. As for where I live somewhat influenced this poem. There has been a street festival going on lately and it will be ending soon. And it is sad to see it go just as fast as it showed up. But through my eyes, I saw somethi...
A guide on enjoying the calls of telemarketers (yes it is possible!).
This short story is about Tom Shawn funeral director,and his sickening tastes. It no longer go on the mistakes that Tom Shawn called them.The real truth is now known about funeral director Tom Shawn.
This is just s short rhyme coined into a political speech during campaign of a prominent politician. I hope its good.
This is a recap of the CNN headline news story discussed on Dr. Drew’s show today on HLN about Saturday's face eating attack on a homeless man being linked to the dangerous Hallucinogenic drug “Bath Salts” This drug can be obtained over the counter!
A true story of a tragedy at sea involving the schooner Fanny Wright. A tale of Cannibalism
Some parties don't want you to know certain facts:a Pope writing an erotic book,prescription drugs being lethal,HIV tests being wrong half the time.....a lot of unbelievable truths like these are uncovered about the world around us.
~master of green fire~his coveted supply of people parts~deep and whole~underneath black water~
Read about the way of life of Aghori Sadhus of India
Read about a group of people who eat human flesh. Weird but true.
The progression of spirituality and the practice of cannibalism--both actually and symbolically--seem to have gone hand in hand throughout the advancement of humanity. Can it be that cannibalism is fundamental to all spirituality, religion, and belief systems of the world? This arti...
A short story I wrote inspired by a supersmash bros character (given away at the ending). May contain disagreeable content
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