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The museum burned down and Dad, Robert and Molly are on their way to investigate the fire. They are in the van driving toward the square. There's snow everywhere and their sliding all over the road. Molly's hoping they get to the museum in one piece.
While everyone was sleeping the museum burned to the ground. The fire crews worked through the night to put the fire out. The team was going to wake up to breaking news and Freddy was going to be beside himself for falling asleep at a critical time.
The captain of the police department sent Dad, Robert and Molly to investigate a theft at the museum. The museum was actually on the third floor of an old building near the town square. Dad and the team did a walk through and Dad took notes. Molly observed and Robert walked around ...
Freddy is now a member of the team. Molly and Robert believe that he will be an asset because he watches the news around the clock. He can fill the team in on news bulletins anytime. It's been quiet on the home front but that is soon to change.
There's a purse snatcher in the park and the team has been called in to patrol the park. Dad's trying to come up with a feasible plan. The team wasn't ready to go back to work but it looks like they have no choice. Fate is calling once again.
Molly's family is stranded at home because of the summer storm. Molly escaped from the beach house and made her way to the boardwalk. She's sound asleep under a picnic table waiting for the storm to let up. Her plan is to walk to the police station for help.
Dad's waiting for an explanation. Molly doesn't know where to start and Milly's hiding behind Molly hoping that Dad doesn't see her. They are in trouble but lately it seems like trouble is their middle name.
On a headline Andreas Lubitz claims that everyone will remember his name and surely the relatives and friends of the victims will.
If you enjoy being transported back in time while visiting friendly 200-year old ghosts, then you will most definitely want to visit the 20-room museum that was once the Townsend home that served host to Benedict Arnold, a British Commander, a British Major and a whole cast of other c...
So, Assassin's Creed fans! You've already played AC:III right? Assassin's Creed is a type of game that will make you want to play another after one! As you already know there is going to be another one of this franchise, Assassin's Creed IV: Blag Flag. Well, I've collected some aweso...
Chapter four of the five part "Magic Book" story, Tom and Ruby are captured. read on to find out what happens next.
We all at sometime want to go down to the sea in ships. This piece is dedicated to three sailors who served during World War 11.
We see several things in our everyday life but miss some significant details.
This is a short poem, about an "ungrateful guest".
Poem about the skipper of the boat "Pride of Inchkeith"
A review of Steven Presley - he is a legend... in my eyes anyway.
Mobile firefighters respond to all kinds of emergency calls that range from something simple to something very challenging and may involve a matter of life and death. On this particular day Todd Norsworthy a captain with the Mobile fire department called the fire station instead of c...
A fire stream is defined in terms of the size of volume of water. A small fire stream is considered to be a volume of stream less than 40 gallons per minute.
A magical adventure story, with Tom and Ruby, after moving from the big city Tom and Ruby find themselves swept away on a series of magical adventures .
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