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Shechem, a prince of the city of Shalem sees Jacob's daughter Dinah and falls in love with her. He takes her to his house where they have sex but he also treats her kindly and wishes to marry her. When her brothers hear of this they become angry and vow revenge.
As the versatility of the technology increases, we are getting more and more addicted
This page is a book review about the book entitled a stolen life,it is a true story written by Jaycee Dugard herself as she tells her story of being kidnapped at eleven and being kept captive for eighteen years,it is a tough book to read but a story which must be told.
.Captiva and Sanibel is a wonderful vacation destination - especially if you collect sea shells.
Poem about a British Battleship set sail to capture pirate vessels and bring its captors back to Jail and rid the seas of pirates
This is a dark poem that i conceived while in the shower. In no way is this a portrayal of my own life or anything going on in it. I just figured i should give the darker side of writing a chance.
Even if we live in an independent country...still we are captives in the hands of destiny.....
Ella Williams was in trouble, and she had walked into it with her eyes wide open... Returning home to finalise the details of her divorce from Ian, her soon to be ex-husband, and leaving behind Daniel, her fiancé to be, she had no idea just how the twist of fate would turn and shatte...
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