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I love animals and these are some of the animals that I saw at the Stoneham Zoo. It was fun watching and taking pictures of these animals. If you're an animal lover I'm sure you will enjoy this article.
A popular zoo attraction but struggling in the wild. This is just a quick piece on these lovable animals.
Another goodbye poem, but this time around from the person staying behind. Do enjoy it.
After spending 6 years in Ukraine studying Medicine, I will be leaving in a few days time not only as a Doctor of Medicine, but also with other achievements and accomplishments. As proud as I am, I still remain humble even as I journey through Life. This poem is about a person, who ha...
Our promotions don't come out of a military personnel headquarters. The Bible says promotion comes from the Lord.
Ella Williams was in trouble, and she had walked into it with her eyes wide open... Returning home to finalise the details of her divorce from Ian, her soon to be ex-husband, and leaving behind Daniel, her fiancé to be, she had no idea just how the twist of fate would turn and shatte...
A review about the book, 3096 days by Natascha Kampusch.
Dolphins to me are very special creatures, I would like to express my views on them and how my experiences have enabled me to understand their spiritual side.
The world at large does not know that two Kingdoms are at work on the Earth and that every living human being is subject to the influence of one or the other of these Kingdoms. There is a separation coming which will clearly define allegiances.
How men spend time domination each other, and not seeing the overall picture
Often, we have been trapped by habit or circumstances for so long that even when given a means of escape we won't let go of what is familiar. Fear of the unknown prevents us from taking flight and reaching our true potential.
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