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Ok, we can't see it but I think we quite found the rock garden now. Mother drove straight into the rocks with such force, that I'm scared that the car's air bags are going to pop out now and be in our faces, and we'll have to contend with those too!
Well, what are we going to do with our last moments? Mother and I are obviously not going to be alive much longer.
Getting advice from a competent financial adviser is very important. Visit your accountant to determine current and future liabilities and plan your position .
Read about two experiences this writer experienced as a passenger in her family car as a youngster.
In the immediate aftermath of a traffic accident, do not forget to call a lawyer in addition to law enforcement and your insurance company.
Driving carefully does not guarantee that you will not encounter an accident. However, it is always necessary for you to be careful and make sure to follow road signs and rules.
A recently separated mother deals with the shock of her husband's tragic death.
The tragic tale of Boeta Louwrens Geldenhuys and Chantal Beetge, for a few hours also Geldenhuys, and how traffic accidents forever changed their paths.
This poem was written to document a life changing event in the author's life. She was the victim in a terrible car accident in high school and suffered severe physical and psychological injuries. This poem was written one month after the accident and was an attempt to cope with the in...
Death is unavoidable. Live long enough and you will bury someone that you care about. The recent death of a longtime friend in a tragic accident left me to ponder the true meaning of "death is the only guarantee in life."
Brian and I have not been on Wiki for a while due to life circumstances but now, hopefully, we are back to stay!
Ella Williams was in trouble, and she had walked into it with her eyes wide open... Returning home to finalise the details of her divorce from Ian, her soon to be ex-husband, and leaving behind Daniel, her fiancé to be, she had no idea just how the twist of fate would turn and shatte...
This is a memoir about a car accident that i wrote my first semester of college. It is about the first accident i was ever in, and it happened to be with my girlfriend.
I have now left my husband , and will attempt to cover the next 37 years in the last part of my story.
The abuse I lived with as a child and my rape had not taken me out, why should this?
Here are my list of some tips to prevent accidents while driving in autumn and fall.
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