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I enter the west wing to keep our breakfast date Mother, Father and I have. But, breakfast isn't ready. Instead, I find Mother standing at the door and Father talking to Harrison outside at Harrison's truck. Mother quickly informs me there's been an accident. I take a look out the ...
Ok, we can't see it but I think we quite found the rock garden now. Mother drove straight into the rocks with such force, that I'm scared that the car's air bags are going to pop out now and be in our faces, and we'll have to contend with those too!
Well, what are we going to do with our last moments? Mother and I are obviously not going to be alive much longer.
A car accident can be an extremely frightening experience. Injuries aside, there’s the permanent damage to your car to worry about, as well as the financial costs. I've been in this situation before, and it can be frightening. It’s not something we ever want to think about, but w...
Jamie has met his first love, but how can he cut the ties that bind him to his mother, who needs him because she is a widow.? Read on to find out more.
A look into the history of one of the greatest bands of all time. From triumph to tragedy, Led Zeppelin is loved by young and old.
Diana thinks her husband may be having an affair, as heartbreaking as it is, she wants to find out the truth, and then decide what to do about it. Read on to find out more
The woman in this article, Gail, has given us her permission to share her story with you which concluded her transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez
A woman hurrying home on a February evening because she was going on a date. Her car skidded on black ice and rolled. Lisa was killed instantly. In her afterlife confusion she contacts two of her friends.
Sometimes doing the right thing is very hard, and painful.
My daughter died 13 years ago, now I can speak about it, and try to come to terms with it.
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