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In some professions we can be called away from our families to meet other's needs. We must be careful to keep a balance between our occupations and our outside activities, especially if it impacts our children.
the wisdom of being a care leader is being able to lead as a shepherd, guide and nurture the sheep into safe pastures, a care leader will risk his own life for the sheep
How can anyone think that caring for the people of the United Kingdoms and politics go hand in hand. They Do Not. I do not like the inference that Prince Charles is meddling in politics when he is only taking a stand for the environment, its people and ways to make Great Britain a nat...
This is a little article to detail how I handle my blogs, my online time, other peoples blogs and work to promote others.
About the sometimes apparent uncaring attitude permeating our modern society to some extent.
This is about 3 boys growing up into men and never forgetting each other.
The sense organs are important parts of our body especially to kid and growing children who need to take good care of them.
Learning to make good decesions as we grow through our younger days is critical to being ready to make the right choices later in life. Having a parent that helps us work though deciding which forks in the roads of life is very important. This story reveals the love and help of my Dad...
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