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I have collected for you some of my most meaningful poetry writings as i love magic and mystery and fables of yore...times long gone but for me the magic still remains..enjoy
this is a story about Thor and Odin and Loki and the travels through the Nine Kingdoms. Treachery and love and mystery abound....enjoy
About the desolation of the world when greed by few overcomes all creating disaster just as happened on Atlantis...with a few embellishments here and there....a laugh a minute...or maybe a cry... dedicated to all the misbegotten heads and would be heads of states
this is the overall picture for June specifics for that you need an astrological reading by our wonderful Steve Kinsman who brings to this site so much valuable information. Take everything with a pinch of salt and make your dreams come true yourself.....if you will!!!!
horoscopes for all the signs of the zodiac..Aries to Pisces...
once again i take you through time and beyond writing many different aspects of life...some will fly with me ...others sink in the murk of their own natures..dark and empty....
Oh oh oh here I go again saying it like it is but then why not! you who hide behind closed doors frightened to look out will one day walk in the sun and what a day that will on...
We all go through many types of feelings in relationships. We all play mind games with ourselves of what we could and would do. This is a piece about all of that...and more. Norty maybe but very nice.....
This is a Geo engineered program spraying chemicals that kill animals, birds and poison man injecting them into the atmosphere that harm...and I will not say anymore just watch the videos here....
I would like to pay tribute to a very prominent star and distinguished writer of Wikinut. She's an all rounder. See her profile page. She's a dearest friend I love!
My NFL Football team picks for week #1, including a short summary.
After watching an opera by Schubert I was inspired to write this. It is beautiful and full of pathos and the images depict the essence of this piece....enjoy
This is about the last lifetime of a woman who has done much evil but now at the very end forgiveness is given by her to her and by the Being of Light who watches over her (and all of us!!!!)
About the againstness of man to man and man against the planet. Those who come to harm others and how that is done
Chaos ruled in the Beginning but out of that came Forms and Beings. This piece details just some of that.
We stand at the brink of a new age when our choices and our actions will take us up or down. Into hell or heaven. It is always a choice so choose wisely.
I was fortunate to be the guest of the winemakers and chefs at the Villa Quaranta in the Veneto. Hear the classical concert played on bottles and glasses, the wines and cucina of this fabled part of Italy.
This is about our society of yelling people who on their cell phones, mobiles and wherever they go, their voices so loud upsetting all near and even far from them.
Celebrate Mother's Day with all the flowers and gifts and dinners but always remember that the most important thing you can give your Mum is love and the most important thing you can do is stay in touch and show her that you care...
This is a dedication to Espasso who is celebrating ten years of bringing the artistry of Brazilian artisans to our notice. It tells how they are helping to stop the devastation of the Brazian rainforests and how they find and use the wonderful woods from that colourful country.
This is about the fight between Light and Dark to gain our souls. It also tells of man's eternal search for himself and how we are a microcosm of the macrocosm as are all things.
A great visit to Seattle staying at the wonderfully welcoming Sorrento Hotel and then onto Woodville where the Willows Lodge is all you could wish for...comfort, great food and wine and so much more...
In the eternal search for one self this piece will help you understand the steps to take that lead you home into the heart of God.. this is good reason to write about man's search for Truth and his inner self.
The movie Anonymous is a rather dark telling of murder, incest, love, writing and of course the great bard himself, William Shakespeare. With pictures to illustrate I have written this enjoy!
This is written after watching the movie by Werner Herzog, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done which was inspired by a true story. It is dark and strange.
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