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This article will be about how terrible CN is for kids, and why they should avoid it.
An examination of the Democratic hopefuls who might run for President. Some suggestions for who might join the fray.
this is about cartoons and how they charged. how much it needs to to go back for the children.
Writers - use public domain animal characters in your stories, get a built in fan base, pay no royalties, start writing fan fiction today. by Greg Stomberg.
Authors - here's public domain characters you can use that already have a built in fan base, write fan fiction for money, pay no royalties on famous characters
Thinking out loud about how I still watch cartoons even though I'm an adult nearing fifty.
this is about language stereotypes on television for kids.
This article is all about cartoons. their background theme, impact, and how are catonns made.
A biography on Mel Blanc, the voice actor who gave life to many of the most well-known cartoon characters of all time!
It is the art of the cartoon world to portray female and male characters forever young and fresh no matter how many years pass by. I wanted to list out some of my favorite characters that I found as sexy.
Climate change is a growing threat to our environment. But the politicians seem to be powerless to deal with the real cause.
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