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I get a puppy and decide to call him Charlie. I also discover that I have a great-grandmother that I've never met.
I love my grandparents but I think they are awfully old - like fifty maybe.
this is about cartoons and how they charged. how much it needs to to go back for the children.
One may think that this slow food movement is a new trend, but in Mediterranean countries has been like this since we were born.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are one of the greatest creations of the 20th century. A reboot version of them is hitting the movies this weekend.
Writers - use public domain animal characters in your stories, get a built in fan base, pay no royalties, start writing fan fiction today. by Greg Stomberg.
Authors - here's public domain characters you can use that already have a built in fan base, write fan fiction for money, pay no royalties on famous characters
Thoughts on a publication once widely read in rural Newfoundland.
A letter that I wrote to the women of the world on Valentine's Day.
Hellooooooooooooo, I'm going to tell you a white lie today so you don't come visit like you do each and every single day. It's not that I don't like you, because I do. However, today I need time to wash my hair.
Thinking out loud about how I still watch cartoons even though I'm an adult nearing fifty.
Once again Warner brothers bring back tom and jerry to the screen with new animations, comics etc etc.
this is about language stereotypes on television for kids.
This article is all about cartoons. their background theme, impact, and how are catonns made.
A biography on Mel Blanc, the voice actor who gave life to many of the most well-known cartoon characters of all time!
a page about an artist who is having trouble deciding what to paint but comes up with an idea in the end.
Thoughts on two famous enterttainers that have produced great family fun in the past and today.
Have you ever experienced or heard that children to whom their parents regularly tell or read bedtime stories very often have periods when they stick to a chosen story and want to hear it every night for long weeks or even months? Or perhaps you also had a favourite story when you wer...
If you haven't seen it, I suggest you go watch it. Better yet watch all 3. and Best of all, bring the kids along!
It is the art of the cartoon world to portray female and male characters forever young and fresh no matter how many years pass by. I wanted to list out some of my favorite characters that I found as sexy.
Do you know the Bakuman manga? If yeas than you will like this...if no...then reda it! You'll love it!
They were the talk of the playground, your grandparents didn't understand them but you couldn't wait to see the next one.
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