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It was a free life as a kid. No worries, not threatened by almost anything. We just had a programmed mindset of invincibility. We don't think about it but somehow we just know we are protected.
A brief History Of Portchester Castle in Hampshire, United Kingdom
Regicide and Revolution, wicked step mothers , imprisoned Princess and knights starved to death. It is Game of thrones on the Jurassic Coast. A brief history of Corfe Castle.
The Clooney's massive abode was formerly known as The Aberlash House and is located just an hour from the historical Highclere Castle, familiar to those who are fans of the PBS series “Downtown Abbey.” The haunted grounds comes complete with a sweet little ghost girl who crosses t...
I stared at it for a good two minutes before realising that I had absolutely no idea how to handle this situation at all. So I texted my sister: "Hi... what am I supposed to do if there's a fire truck in my room?"
This is a motivational poem detailing the trials of life and the lessons learned.
As writers, it is our job to find our story ideas and topics for essays anywhere. One main source for stories is the family. Some writers tell all, holding nothing back. I, on the other hand, have never felt comfortable telling family secrets. My family, however, has never hesitated t...
Screams coming from the castle have been heard late at night, and shadows are often seen around the darkest corners where the moon hits just right to heighten lurking figures wishing to not be caught on camera. Orbs are just part of the deal when filming begins at the castle.
TAPS attempts to uncover the mystery surrounding the castle's grave secrets, unfortunately they are met with opposition from inhospitable ghosts along with the dark and terrifying elemental.
The Spirits of Inventor George Westinghouse and His Dedicated Workers Live On inside the castle, entertaining and enchanting visitors with residual hauntings.
An 8-liner Iambic tetrameter poem following a form that is called "Triolet".
One of the beautiful press trips I took was to Edinburgh an ancient and historical town. So much to see and enjoy and if you are a history buff like me you will want to wander the old wynds set back from the main thoroughfare. the nobles had their town houses there hidden behind wal...
BBlue Beard is man who loves women, but after marrying them kills. Its a lovely tale and sure to enthrall all readers.
A fairy tale about a child, a natural disaster and survival.
Betika is an unhappy lady. She cares for others but feels that no one cares for her, until things begin to turn around for her.
An Iambic tetrameter poem. Barbarians invade the land of a retired Byzantine guard, who decides to face them.
An Iambic Tetrameter Sonnet, about barbarians invading a western world castle.
This article describes the Castle in Edinburgh, a very popular tourist attraction in the capital city of Scotland.
A look at Colditz Castle its history and how it was not quite escape proof as it was thought to be.
Even in a dream, I never thought that I would find a place I could consider as my second home.
Asin and Nefertiti becomes good friend and they share their secrets. Unforunately, Asin finds out that she has been cheated. But, these things happen only in Asin's dream. When she wakes up she finds a bitter truth.
It was like an island discovery when I saw this castle-like slide built in the middle of the pool, complete with a magnificent view of the mountains as its background .. and I had only one person in mind - my son.
This is a rather bold poem, based on the personality of Countess Elysbeth Bathory of Hungary, a real person. An unfortunate woman who tried to stay forever young, bathing in the blood of her victims. The poem is closer to Classic Poetry with a rhythm of Heavy Metal music. Maybe not de...
This Poem is dedicated to my passionate Ukrainian friend, Yulia Kulchytska. She wrote this poem for me to Publish and finally, her dream has come true!~~~ The Poem is been published and I will give glory to whom glory is due. Nice work and I hope you continue to write more poems.
This short article speaks about the Belfast Castle in the popular city of Belfast, Ireland
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