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I have written about Rugby before. He is my hoodlum cat. Rugby is the cat that was sick at Christmas with a urinary tract infection that was very hard to cure. It took three different antibiotics and close to 300 dollars later for him to get better.
This is the story of Junior my cat. He tells it all bar none. Junior was a cat that hated having too many other cats around him.
I have always been a animal lover,. I started by having dogs and when the landlord refuses dogs, I began my love affair with cats.
This story happened in 2009.Junior was the last cat from my previous stories about the large cat family that I had. I was once called the catlady, a nick that I still use in some places on the net.
I run a newsletter called Storytime Tapestry. People can send in their articles and poems and I will publish them. This is the story of my cat who was very upset that I took a dog as a mascot for the newsletter. It is a humor piece of course.
An empire see's its darkest days, vermin fill the streets and a nation starves, it is in its darkest hour when they came, they are descendants of lions and the great kings of the great Savannahs...they were the cats... and greatest amongst them is Bastet, and here is her story.
Did you ever hear the story about a cat who got stuck in a tree? Cats do get into the most impossible situations.
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