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A tribute to my late father who was also my greatest teacher.
I review an episode of Animal Planet show, escape from Chimp Island. The caretaker decided that the chimp Tony needed an eye operation.
Are black holes the best gluttons? Here is a poem on the strange celestial phenomenon and another one on how a fanatic can scorn science.
‘Old age has its honor and its toil’, it is true. But, sometimes old people require help. This simple poem illustrates how the attitude of a Principal could brighten the dark world of a family
An inexpensive way to use smart phones to quickly detect early-stage cataracts, the clouding of the eye lens that is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.
The history and evolution of catarct. Methods used in the ancient times for cataract wound.
Despair is perfect health, except for a cataract in each eye. Desperation is the U.S. cost for cataract eye surgery. A miracle is the same cataract surgery done in Asia for one fifth the USA price.
I wonder why some women around me must do cataract eye surgery, so I make a little research and write this article to know more about cataract.
Cataract is clouding of the lens of the eyes. Home remedies are also available, apart from surgery. Here are some ways which can help to eliminate cataract.
Clouding of lens of the eyes that is painless develops gradually with time, mostly affecting older age people of age above 65 years. If left untreated, the problem might worsen leading to eye sight problem of blindness.
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