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An empire see's its darkest days, vermin fill the streets and a nation starves, it is in its darkest hour when they came, they are descendants of lions and the great kings of the great Savannahs...they were the cats... and greatest amongst them is Bastet, and here is her story.
Now that, you know what feline diabetes is, your fears are beginning to dissipate. Now it is time for us to take a closer look at what this diagnosis means for you and your pet. It is not a death sentence for your companion. Feline diabetes can be treated and controlled. Your furry fr...
Back in the day when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, the litter box consisted of a cut-down cardboard box with shredded up newspaper in it stuck in a corner on the back porch. Our cats used it faithfully, and we were unaware of the health issues involved, the health dangers we were...
Discusses common problems for cats and dogs, and how to handle them.
John Quincy Adams, 6th president of the United States, said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” By Adam's definition of a leader or any other definition, The Doris Day Animal League became a leader in the fight fo...
No one who truly loves his pet owns his pet. Their pets are members of their families just as their spouse and children are members of their family. We know what it means to be a responsible parent to our human children, but how many of us truly knows what it means to be a responsible...
Do you know what vaccines are essential to your little fur baby's well-being and which are not? You need to be an informed pet parent because all the vaccines pushed on you by a veterinarian are not only not needed, some can even endanger your loved ones health.
Jacki, the founder of IMOM believes that “Companion animals shouldn't have to suffer or die simply because their caretakers are financially challenged.” Jacki formed IMOM to help the sick and the injured companion animal by helping their caretakers meet their medical needs.
Until a few years ago, it was believed that cats did not suffer from arthritis because their symptoms were far less prominent than symptoms of arthritis were in other species. A 2007 study disabused us of that erroneous belief.
She teaches me how to make friend with the others. You do not need to be a famous man to have many friends.
If you already have a cat,it can be a challenge to bring in a new feline friend,here's how!
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