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Six of the best herbal teas to aid digestion. The first post of a series on healing teas. Each is introduced with it's own descriptive Haiku.
This piece started as a poem about facing mortality and ended up including bits about Halloween, the Mexican day of the Dead,Buddhist ancestral worship and Euthanasia.
12 Haiku in the traditional Japanese format of 5, 7, 5 syllables that attempt to capture the flavour of a moment when time stands still and there is only the purity of the experience.
Every Gemstone has a Particular Vibration with Unique Healing Properties. Which of These Beautiful Stones is Calling to You?
A selection of gemstones to tone up the lower three chakras and connect you to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth as well as the magic of the singing crystal bowls.
This is a poem that came to me when out walking my dog and we passed by a vacant lot.
Often when browsing the posts on Wikinut, I've been confronted with big blocks of text which seem to stop me from wanting to read further. Any one else feel the same........?
In Canada,governments and companies are required to consult with the aboriginal population when developing projects such as mining or pipelines on their land. Now they have to have consent.
How to Move Emotions that have Become Uncomfortably Stuck.
A Beautiful Day Includes Some Thoughts About Those Who are Suffering.
This review gives an overview of some of the main reasons for suffering as presented by spiritual teacher Adyashanti in his book, "Falling into Grace."
I have been watching a live stream video of an Osprey nest, became intrigued and wanted to know more......
This is a poem adapted to the Gosa form which was used in the Spanish court in the 14th and 15th centuries. I have found it especially useful for reflecting on the Psalms.
This is my experiment with the Glosa form of poetry in which the poet reflects on particular lines in a poem, in this case a Psalm, and writes addition lines which come out of that reflection, but always returning to the original. Kind of like a jazz musician playing with a melody.
Recently I read this new translation of the ,"Tao Te Ching" and since then I have been reading and re-reading it. Never have I seen the truth presented so simply and so profoundly.
This is a poem about how we defend our opinions and judgments and how this defensiveness causes others to be defensive in return. The potential for deeper relationship is thereby lost.
This is a poem about how, as a child the effort to see what others saw led my sister Donna on a journey to become a the artist she is today.
My experience of an Idle No More Global Action event in my home town Victoria BC Canada.
This is a mostly prose poem about childhood questions that ended up being a life long quest. Although much has been answered there still remains a mystery.
This is a poem about the cross as a symbol of the human body in service to the spirit and our function of bringing the high spiritual vibration of love into the density of matter.
A poem about what is real , what is illusion and what is our true identity.
This is a poem about the way of letting go and acceptance bringing peace as exemplified by the journey of the river to the sea.
An Overview of a few controversial books that have been written about Mary Magdalene.
We keep looking for love on the outside, but until we access the lover within our relationships will be fraught with difficulty.
Comforting ourselves with material things has mortally injured Mother Earth and will ultimately lead to our suicide if we do not learn to find the source of love within.
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