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I learnt that the key thing with expectations is to lower them so that they can be exceeded. When I met a celebrity, he failed to meet the inch high bar I had.
A recap of my friends' experiences on their hopeful journeys to becoming celebrities.
top 5 celebrities that have already launch their line of the products and infused it to the public.
A celebrity visits..What more of an honour can one expect when a celebrity scans one poetry
Should a celebrity or a VIP allowed to break the law? Read on what happened in my country India recently.
Fire-spitting Kenyan leader Micah Kigen pays glowing tribute to celebrated Kenyan heroes and heroines Jean-Marie Seroney, Philomena Chelagat Mutai and Bishop Alexander Muge, who all died after vigorously championing fundamental human rights and freedoms in this East African nation. Th...
This page is about celebrities scandals . you can found here your favorite celebrities scandals and much more . stay in touch and read about them .
Right packaging of your talent determines its marketability. Raw gift will not give you attention on earth. It is gift or skill that is properly refined and packaged to the right market that delivers great profits into your hand. You do not package a gift or skill by merely rattling s...
Celebrities living some of the nicest lifestyles there are. Though you do not have to be a celebrity to really comfortable.
This article is about a well known celebrity actress known as Rose Byrne
This article is about a famous Australia singer known as Dannii Minogue
This article is about a famous actress known as Lea Michele
This article is about a famous American actress known as Eva Longoria
This article is about a well known actress known as Kristen Stewart
This article is about a famous model known as Cara Delevingne
This article is about a famous songwriter and singer known as Emeli Sande
Katie Price and Peter Andre, the once golden celebrity couple. This is the story of their lives before they met, when they were together, and the aftermath of their divorce. Read on to find out more...
In this article I shall try to explain why some people are not celebrities.
Song Review Artist: Kelly Rowland Song Title; Dirty Laundry
The 2013 Billboard Music Awards was filled with memorable moments
This article is about What You Can Do with Your Mobile Phone Today
This article is about chatting with our favorite celebrity using their social site account.
This article is about the celebrities who are promoting the products and modelling for various ads.
This page is about Meeting Celebrities in our life which gives us more enjoyment.
A brief study of this TV hit and a general moan about the effect it has had on the celebrity culture.
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