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A celebrity visits..What more of an honour can one expect when a celebrity scans one poetry
Should a celebrity or a VIP allowed to break the law? Read on what happened in my country India recently.
It seems the whole world and its mother has got something to say about the major transformation of Hollywood actress, Renée Zellweger's features, so I may as well get my 10 cents in too.
This page is about celebrities scandals . you can found here your favorite celebrities scandals and much more . stay in touch and read about them .
Right packaging of your talent determines its marketability. Raw gift will not give you attention on earth. It is gift or skill that is properly refined and packaged to the right market that delivers great profits into your hand. You do not package a gift or skill by merely rattling s...
Dedicated to what's in and what's out get your gossip here. I will bring you the best Fashion trends out there. The stuff that will shock. Think of me as TMZ. I will have your stories here really fast. I also accept message asking me to cover a story.
The thing is that all celebrities work hard to be what they are, and of course, they get expensive procedures to look more beautiful. Here you will read what those tricks are.
This article is about a famous actress known as Nicole Kidman
This article is about a well known celebrity actress known as Rose Byrne
This article is about a famous actress known as Lea Michele
This article is about a famous American actress known as Eva Longoria
This article is about a well known actress known as Kristen Stewart
This article is about a famous model known as Cara Delevingne
This article is about a famous songwriter and singer known as Emeli Sande
In this article I shall try to explain why some people are not celebrities.
- All about online dating and a fool's paradise - The secret exposed...Say what..Hush your mouth -
Famous people reporting, news or gossip? Worth or unworthy?
This article is about the celebrities who are promoting the products and modelling for various ads.
This page is about Meeting Celebrities in our life which gives us more enjoyment.
Late-night TV icon and comedian Jay Leno took a major pay cut this week, in a bid to spare Tonight Show employees from layoffs -- but nearly two dozen staffers were still shown the door, reported late Friday night.
Spice Girls fans all over the world have been buzzing for the reunion of the hit girl band, Spice Girls who will be performing at the Olympic Closing Ceremony on Sunday and have been busy all week rehearsing for the big event !
This page is about celebrities entering in the political world.
What does celebrity really mean? I think the meaning has changed...
Hello Oh Celebrity You!This poem was written as a comment to Royalty and much hype being given to Prince Williams Wedding
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