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World famous magician David Blaine life and times. This article details he early life, childhood, and events he performed and media successes.
A celebrity visits..What more of an honour can one expect when a celebrity scans one poetry
A place in the Guinness Book of World Records is arguably one of the greatest achievements on this planet. It is on this account that I personally render a lot of credit to individuals who have found a spot in the book of records. Even the Guinness World Book of Records bears her name...
A review of Jurassic World, which got quite a bit of hate from the fan base when it hit the cinemas.
MooiFlieks, the team behind the EENDAG culture, has announced today that it shall make EENDAG more accessible to English speakers who are interested to join in the fantastic world of EENDAG.
Music... is there anything music can't do? Yes. But now let's get on to my encounter with Snoop Dogg.
The media makes a massive play on how people look, commenting on what people wear and the things they own, but is vanity a good thing or and unhealthy obsession.
Hollywood Glamour : How our society has forced a change in the idea of celebrity
I find it strange that celebrities are being held responsible for promoting a product that they did not manufacture. Should being a brand ambassador have severe consequences?
Do you have the Imposter Syndrome? Anyway, read this piece and help me out.
Having written the C.H.E. (Council Of Higher Education) exams Adam returns home to fish with his father during the summer. In August he learns that not only has he passed the exams but that he has won the District Government Scholarship.
I had very a mixed reaction to the Bill Cosby scandel - wasn't sure what to believe, but had some thoughts.
An original article written when I found out that Robin Williams had committed sucide and then I read some really cold analysis by folks on the internet.
The Clooney's massive abode was formerly known as The Aberlash House and is located just an hour from the historical Highclere Castle, familiar to those who are fans of the PBS series “Downtown Abbey.” The haunted grounds comes complete with a sweet little ghost girl who crosses t...
A campaign for cleanliness has begun on the last birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. A look on it from the roadside......
This page is about celebrities scandals . you can found here your favorite celebrities scandals and much more . stay in touch and read about them .
A review of the Daforce's music and most recent releases
Paranormal Activity at the Luxury Hotel Favored by Celebrities, Royalty, Presidents and Ghosts
Some celebrities experience ghostly adventures more then others, and it is believed that the stars see more spirits then other people because of their out-of-the-box thinking, open mindedness, creative thinking, access to foreign countries and ancient structures and of course their st...
Mail sent to a famous person or celebrity addresses from his or her fans.
The Pioneer Saloon has daily reports from workers and visitors of a full-bodied apparition that appears to be the cantankerous old ghost miner who was killed by a cheating gambler back in 1915. The bullet holes found in the interior wall today are a grim reminder of the miner who lost...
Established in 1973, Patrick's Roadhouse, named after Bill Fischler's youngest son Patrick, has been many things to many people over the years, but the bright green St. Patrick's Day themed exterior, the quirky antiqued-knickknack style interior, celebrity sightings, paranormal activi...
According to the Tennessee tourism guide, Loretta's haunted plantation mansion is the seventh largest attraction in the state of Tennessee due largely to the haunted mansion, trail rides, recording studio, cemetery, museums, lodging, and other fun attractions. The ranch is built entir...
According to the legend surrounding doppelgangers, some monks and Christian saints who were known to meditate religiously became adapt at bilocation. Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Ambrose of Milan, Saint Severus of Ravenna and Padre Pio of Italy. Scientists reproduced an effect strong...
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