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A place in the Guinness Book of World Records is arguably one of the greatest achievements on this planet. It is on this account that I personally render a lot of credit to individuals who have found a spot in the book of records. Even the Guinness World Book of Records bears her name...
This page is about celebrities scandals . you can found here your favorite celebrities scandals and much more . stay in touch and read about them .
Movies I Have Personally Watched. Show i have seen. Ill try to update frequently.
Dedicated to what's in and what's out get your gossip here. I will bring you the best Fashion trends out there. The stuff that will shock. Think of me as TMZ. I will have your stories here really fast. I also accept message asking me to cover a story.
If today is your birthday, I wish you all the very best! Check out these celebs who share the same birth dates.
This article is about a well known celebrity actress known as Rose Byrne
This article is about a well known actress known as Kristen Stewart
This article is about a famous model known as Cara Delevingne
This article is about a famous songwriter and singer known as Emeli Sande
In this article I shall try to explain why some people are not celebrities.
- All about online dating and a fool's paradise - The secret exposed...Say what..Hush your mouth -
Just a tid bit about the new Charlie Sheen book about to come out that in his mind will raise $10 million, who knows maybe someone will be crazy as he is.
Often celebrities have been involved in controversies due to their drug addiction, alcoholism, sex tape controversies and controversial movies that led to the decline in their career.
Enrique Iglesias is a very well known Latino English pop star, who has gathered fans all over the world by his touching and heart melting romantic love songs. He’s a favorite of all and one of my favorite too. Hence, here I have jotted down some facts about Enrique which his fans ma...
You heard me right, I do not understand who can someone get paid millions to kick a ball? How can some one have a mansion just for taking pictures of someone's body?
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