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Women who, for hundreds of years, decided to live their lives as men
Patanjali says- Brahmacharya is not a discipline, it is a consequence, and it happens in ordinary life also.
As a single person, there usually comes a time in your life when you decide that you are ready to settle down, seek out that special person that you hope will enhance the life you already have. In the process we have to be very careful not to SETTLE, while we are looking to settle d...
Stories from a sexy celibate person who wants to have friends without joining a monestery exactly.
This will be a book length tale of one woman's journey to celibacy and the experiences that surround that particular choice of lifestyle. There is discourse upon sexual relationships and what led up to her making this choice as the right one for her.
Is it possible you could lead a happier and fuller life by giving up sex?
Lust is a very common instinct. It is found in every living creature on earth. It is the primary cause for reproduction. As a superior race humans are sometimes obliged to control the sensation of lust. Uncontrolled lust wastes vital energy. This document will provide some quick ways ...
A priest is supposed to be a follower of God. Why then is it that no one asks what God has to say on the subject of to marry or not to marry?
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