Pages tagged with Cell Phone Risks

Cell phones transmit and receive radio waves that are electromagnetic radiations. These radiations are non-ionizing and are not harmful but constant exposure to these emissions can cause irreversible damage.
This article is about Living our life Without Smart Phone
This article is about avoiding cell phones in the public places
This page is about Nokia phones and its issues. All Nokia users must read this
Most of the network providers use it for their benefits and introducing various kind of caller tunes to attract the youngsters and reducing a great amount from the client balance as a charge.
This page is about unwanted deductions from our cell service providers
This page is about switching off the cell phone, we must avoid it while in emergency.
Cell phone is playing an important role in this modern world. It is very hard to see a person without a mobile phone.
This page is about kids and students using the cell phone. We must avoid encouraging this kind of cell usage among kids.
This page looks at some of the reasons you should be aware of your Electromagnetic Field and some steps you can take to ground yourself also how to clear electromagnetic noise (cell phones..,) that can get stuck in your field.
Countless numbers of people around the world use mobile phones, including, and indeed, especially youngsters, but are they really safe? There are reasons to doubt this.
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