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With nearly 4 billion users across the globe, SMS messaging is the most widely used mode of communication in the world. Every year better and better smartphones come out in the market, this has ensured that texting is no longer a boring task.
We may think that our parents nagged at us when they taught manners at the table, but it's most unpleasant seeing people doing such things.
Dad accepted an undercover assignment at the park. The team has agreed to do surveillance around the clock. Dad put Robert and Molly in charge of the team. Molly's in charge of the whole operation, she's now a Lieutenant.
we are presently living in the age of the keyless Bluetooth bicycle lock. We've as of now seen the Skylock, BitLock and Ulock. Presently, there's additionally the Noke U-Lock.
Put your cell phone to work. Today's technology has given us opportunities like never before.
If you have to travel a long distance alone in your car use common sense.
The first sign of age on any cellphone is the battery life. This article will explain some tips on extending your cell phone's battery life
There are top 6 apps to track your lost android phone. Android phone can be protected with the help of location finder apps, anti-theft apps, that help you to find out the location of your lost/stolen android phone. I have listed top 6 apps that can help you track your lost android ph...
When you work for a Boss From Hell you have to take certain precautions
The Nexus range has always been Google's flagship devices but how does the Nexus 4 fair in today's market?
In this article you know about the Sell Your Samsung Mobile Phones.
How we communicated sixty years ago (Hint) It wasn't by Cell Phone!
I once read somewhere that ‘patience is the greatest of all virtues and the least understood‘. The Biblical Job was a man whom even his best friends did not understand but whose name today, is synonymous with patience.
Let me tell you how you can get a free speaker for your iPhone, mp3 player or any smartphone that have same quality with additional speaker that sold in the market.
Every modern gadget has its use and misuse and we should know when to use any of them appropiately.
This page is a personal experience of mine when i broke my cell phone. Its about the addiction we people are dealing with for the social networks and stuff. Its a reality check.
The Case Against Vybz Kartel reveals the breach of Privacy by Cell Phone Companies
Now a days culprits are arranging hidden cameras in trial rooms of big maals and taking pictures of the ladies.
Samsung recently demonstrated their new roll up smartphone at Las Vegas this week with more and new features.
This article gives the importance of Pocket Diary which is useful for easy reference
This article is about avoiding cell phones in the public places
This page is about unwanted add on activation from mobile service providers
This page is about the History Of the modern Cell Phones
Some electronic devices like TV, computer and cell phone have become an integral part of our life. They have made this planet a much more comfortable place to live in. But, have they made us less humane?
This page is about Nokia phones and its issues. All Nokia users must read this
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